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  • 1. Container Trucking
    Responsibilities: Container Trucking Specialists drive specialized vehicles to transport containers within and between the ports in a safe and efficient manner. Ever since the shipping industry began adopting standardized containers for the transportation of goods, container trucking has been the preferred mode of inland transport.
  • 2. Lashing Specialist
    Responsibilities: A lashing specialist’s job is to ensure the container cargo is secured to a ship by means of lashing rods, turnbuckles, twist-locks, etc. This lashing process ensures that these items are anchored down to the container, locking the cargo in place so that unnecessary movements can be minimized.
  • 3. Medium Forklift Specialist / Warehouse Forklift Specialist
    Responsibilities: A medium forklift driver must operate 10-ton and above forklift machines in the container yard. Moving and stacking empty containers from one location to another with care. A warehouse forklift specialist’s main duty is to locate and move stock of products to pallets or crates for warehouse storage or shipment.
  • 4. Container Haulier driver/ Loose Cargo Haulier specialist
    Responsibilities: A container haulier driver is a specialized driver who safely transports containers around Singapore. A loose cargo haulier specialist need lashing skills and the ability to handle different types of cargo to maximize efficiency. Candidates need to adhere to the safety precautions in place, to ensure their personal safety and safety of the cargo.
  • 5. Courier For Vessel Ships / Palletized transportation
    Responsibilities: A Delivery Driver, or Courier, who is responsible for transporting packages and other goods from a local address to the vessel. Job scopes include loading goods, using navigation tools to arrive at the right address and delivering parcels to the vessel on time with care.
  • 6. Human Resource / Administrative Staff
    Responsibilities: Performing the duties of a HR and Administrative Assistant. • Ability to exercise initiative, work independently and under pressure • Fluent in English • Able to start work within short notice will be of great advantage
  • 7. Reefer Specialist
    Responsibilities: A reefer specialist is a professional who specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration systems, particularly those used in shipping containers, trucks, trailers, and other transportation vehicles.
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