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Policies and Pledge

At Seafront,  we prioritize workplace safety practices because it is important for every employee to be able to work in a safe environment where safety policies are in place and enforced. We believe after a day’s work; every employee should be able to return home safely to rest.  Only with the effort and cooperation of both the management and the employees, we can strive daily to keep everyone safe at work.


Healthy living and hygienic practices are other key factors that we aim to promote throughout the company. With a healthier lifestyle and better hygiene, employees are less vulnerable to illnesses.   

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  1. Work safely: An employee should operate machinery/vehicles or use work tools appropriately, without taking any shortcuts.  By taking shortcuts , an employee may reduce the time to complete the same amount of work, but at the same time he/she might be increasing the risks of accidents. By following the correct procedure to work, an employee is less likely to cause an accident that would injure himself/herself or others.

  2. Update Your Supervisor about the unsafe conditions: It is important that employees inform their supervisor when they spot potential hazards or risks at the workplace. By communicating, decisions can be made on how to eliminate those potential safety risks.

  3. Aware of the surroundings: Employees are reminded regularly to stay alert about their surrounding hazards. It is important not only to observe his/her own surroundings, but also their co-worker’s working environment.  By looking out for one and another and working in accordance with the safely guidelines in place, it will help reduce safety risks significantly.

  4. Wear the right safety equipment: It is essential that employees wear the right personal protection equipment during work. This protective gear will provide additional protection from unpredictable incidents that may occur at the workplace.


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