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About Us

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Who We Are

Seafront Group is a comprehensive manpower and logistics service provider helmed by an experienced team of committed and motivated professionals. We currently operate in sea ports and the airport. Our services mainly involve the handling and movement of containers around the ports and the transportation of cargoes inland. Driven by the betterment of our company, we always seek to develop new opportunities and collaborations in new industries.

Why Seafront Group?

More than 25 years of expertise and consistency in the manpower industry means we have the experience to manage and tackle complex manpower and operational situations that may arise. You can depend on us to provide reliable manpower and logistics support so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Why Start a Career with us ? 

At Seafront, we believe that our employees are our biggest assets. We value our employees’ wellbeing and health as this leads to higher employee morale. Supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace, with hundreds of colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, Seafront believes that the strength in unity can overcome all odds. Make the right decision to work in a dynamic environment with equal opportunities for all. Join us now!


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